EDI Vendors

Alaska does not endorse, nor recommend any one vendor over another.  If you are an EDI vendor, please send an email to Kelly.Swearingin@Alaska.gov to have your company's information added to this page.

Aerie EDI Group
Contact: Pat Cannon
Email: patc@aerieedigroup.com
Phone: (434) 509-4494

Ebix, Inc
Contact: Shayne Garner
Phone: (678) 225-6045

HealthTech, Inc
Contact: Mark Hughes
Phone: (913) 764-9347

Insurance Services Office, Inc
Contact: Larry Travaglia
Phone: (201) 469-2337

Mitchell Workers Compensation Solutions
Contact: Kyle Devereaux
Phone: (858) 368-7593

Quick Internet Software Solutions
Contact: Terrell Wright
Phone: (979) 846-3008